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Asala Beach website design

Taba is a small Egyptian town near the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba. Taba is the location of Egypt's busiest border crossing with neighboring Israel. Taba is a frequent vacation spot for Egyptians and tourists. It is the northernmost resort of Egypt's Red Sea Riviera.

Asala Beach is located at a distance of 25 km from Taba (Nweba direction). It is also located at 40 km from Nuweiba and a 350 km from Taba tunnel.
With Asala beach, you are plunged into a place of marvels. See the incredible night sky; sit by the fire and next morning watch the sun rise in all its glory.
Asala beach organize fishing trips, diving trips, safari & nubian parties. Asala beach featuring by sea foods.
Asala beach organize Safari to Saint Catherine, clartcanion, wady Kosaif, wady Khazala, wady Disco, wady AlMalha, Ein Om Ahmed, ein khudra and alot of other places.

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