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Complete Web Solutions:
2windesign offers advanced solutions for everything concerning your Internet presence including:
• Design and development of web sites
• Complete solutions for web-enabled databases
• Programming of information systems / Web applications
• Online store. Yes! We also offer complete e-commerce solutions for small and large scale corporations.

E-Commerce & Web Development:
Web sites are now more dynamic than ever and users are demanding more features including easier access for clients, better integration, increased availability and very limited maintenance.
• 2windesign will enable you to enhance the functionality of your web site,
• Offering a full range of custom web application development services and
• Designing and implementing complex, data-driven web applications.
• E Commerce today is as good for small business and individuals as it is for large corporations
• Let 2windesign help you take your business online to the next level, through developing an entire online store for your business.
• 2windesign will take care of the entire process, from the design of an attractive interface, the developing of a customized 'shopping cart', then to 'secured payment processing systems'.
•The online store is very easy to administrate. The products catalog administration enables your company to add, edit, or delete products with a fully integrated look. The online store will have one click ordering, wish lists, order tracking systems, secured pages for accepting credit card transactions.

2windesign offer custom systems to fully meet the requirements of your organization, such as:
• Dynamic e-catalogs – we provide intuitive and easy to use interfaces for managing your online e-catalog of products.
• Development of full e-commerce enabled sites (shopping carts, order forms, etc.)
• Fully comprehensive control panel – a web-based interface that will give you complete, real-time control over all aspects of your online store that are integral to your business, such as making price changes, placing items on sale, tracking order history and inventory, and creating and editing products.
• 2windesign designs robust e-commerce applications in the Linux environment with PHP and MySQL, and on Windows- based platforms with ASP and SQL.